Long Delight is a management company under Long Champ Group, providing an extensive range of unique property management services with supreme expertise, keeping properties at their top physical and fiscal potentials to meet clients’ individual needs. We also offer consultant and leasing services to enhance the value of property investment.


Longrise Ltd is an investment company established in 2016, offering a wide range of financial solutions for various institutions in every walks of life. The company is committed to effectively utilizing internal and external corporate financing to facilitate the development of the New Zealand construction industry market.


Horizon is a topnotch construction company specializing in constructing and managing the entire lifecycle of a project. With over ten years of experience in construction, Horizon has a vast experience in building and project management to deliver the best construction services.

Long Crest

Our approach is based on using our experience and expertise to enable your developments to proceed with ease. We can decipher complex information and processes to make them easy for you, regardless of the scope of the project. We also understand the importance of strong communication and great working relationships. In short, we speak your language and we can be trusted to get it right.

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