Long Champs Group aims to maximize investment-profit ratio, provide excellent construction service

Long Champs GroupProfile 

Long Champs Group was formally established in 2011 and founded from Long Champs Construction Ltd with over 18 years of construction experience in New Zealand. Long Champs Group has established to be an integrated construction management enterprise with investment, planning, construction, building materials and property management.

Long Champs Group has numerous branches or subsidiaries, it is divided into four main divisions and four core business areas, including Longrise Investment Company, Horizon Construction Company, Longstone Building Materials Company and Sunrise Albany Property Management Company. Long Champs Group is committed to forming a most integrated Chinese enterprise groups in New Zealand, to providing service in a wide range from land development, project contracting (residential, townhouses, apartments and industrial plants), new material supply, property management.

Long Champs Group is cooperating with several large-scale local planning, design and investment companies to shape a long-term cooperation mechanism. Long Champs Group pursues innovation and development to maximize profit ratio of capital investment, to provide a flexible mechanism of cooperative investment, to provide affordable and qualified building materials. Whiles, Long Champs Group is working with China Zhongcheng Wisdom Technology Co. Ltd to achieve the primary intellectual property monument system in New Zealand.

Long Champs Group has built dozens of houses and townhouses/terrace houses in numerous hot spots in Auckland during last 18 years. The company possesses the capacity to build large apartments and industrial plants. The present project is Long Rise Garden, a 5 storey apartment with 61 fee-simple units around Albany Central Mall.

Long Champs Group Culture 

Long Champs Group aims to maximize investment-profit ratio, provide excellent construction service, achieve a win-win goal to community, shareholders and employee.

Group mission

To be top-ranking construction management enterprise group

Group Core value

Excellent service creates value

隆泰集团 公司优势 

 Invest, develop, design, management

Cost control, construction progress management

  Comprehensive management team

Registered LBP

Excellent construction quality and safety management

Wide range cooperative relationship with local and overseas large-scale companies

Long Champs Group company Service

Longrise Investment Company

Land development investment

Project investment

Construction planning and design

Project consulting

Property development

Horizon Construction Company

Construction project work

Construction project contracting

Construction project management

Construction personnel training

Health and safety and quality management

Longstone Ltd

Construction material procurement

Import and export of building material

Building material equipment

Production and sales of building material

Longreap Ltd

Property management service

Property sales and leasing

intellectual property management